Sneakerology lets you stay on top of the sneaker game by giving you the latest news and reviews on all the best Kicks to hit the streets

Have you ever seen your friend wearing some cool new kicks and had to ask when they came out? Or missed out on a great price because you missed the release date? Now that you have Sneakerology, that will never happen again. With this app on your device, you’ll have release dates, info, reviews and more for the latest and greatest sneakers, from every manufacturer.

Sneakerology Features Include:

Got some older sneakers that are just too beat up to wear out in public? Check out the step-by-step tutorials on how to restore your favorite old kicks. The app will show you how to make your old beaters to box fresh again, so you can wear them proudly. With all the great tips and tricks here, this should be an app all by itself, but these tutorials are built right into Sneakerology for no extra charge!

Keep up with the sneaker culture right in the app. Just open Sneakerology and tap the Social Network feature. You don’t have to open an account and there’s no need for a password. Just jump in and connect with other sneaker heads, like and comment on articles, blog posts, images, and videos, and follow other users



Key Features:

  • New sneaker updates, every day, delivered right to your device!
  • Built-in icons taken from real sneakers
  • Video reviews on the hottest new sneakers
  • Tutorials on how to clean your old sneakers and bring them back to life
  • Release dates for new kicks so you never miss out or have to pay more
  • Daily news on sneaker events, sneaker parties and much more
  • Share your sneaker finds on Twitter, Facebook or via email
  •  Built-in social network, just for sneaker heads!
  • Like and comment on articles, blog posts, images and videos
  • Follow the activity stream of other users within the app
  • Track your own footsteps and others across the app