Square Tails

Square Tails is a fun and awesome adventure where you save the day! Easy to play, very hard to master!

you’ll have to think fast and move even faster to complete this adventure.
Square Tails is separated from his girlfriend Sheena who is held captive by a mysterious matrix working world, filled with deadly pits, BUGS, obstacles, & falling platforms, fire, & much much More! Your mission if you choose to excepted it, is to reunite the two squares and save the day! Fall in the pit and it may turn this high action love story into a tragedy! Play Levels 1 through 7 with the last level call (Level Love) of this awesome platform game and you will want for more Square Tails adventures! Fun for all ages, with amazing challenges! Can you save Sheena Tails from the dangers of square life!

Key Features:

  • Fun adventure
  • Awesome challenges
  • Tricky obstacles to overcome
  • Brilliantly created game mechanics
  • Amazingly cool and great for the whole family
  • Crazy game physics
  • 7 hard Levels
  • Very easy to play
  • Hit check points, to continue where you left off
  • Share your score on Twitter, Facebook & Text
  • Share your score on Twitter, Facebook & Text