Sneakerology was feature in complex

read the story here ===> 15 Apps Every Sneakerhead Should Have 

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iPhone Application Development Process

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Sneakerology 3.0 On The Way

We are hard at work, working on the new Sneakerology update, it should be ready by the end of January. Stay tune for more updates, Here is a few new things that will be in the new updates      RELEASE DATES NOT ONLY FOR ALL THE JORDANS, AND RETROS BUILT-IN SOCIAL NETWORK VIDEO TUTORIALS […]

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PKE Meter Ghost Hunter is now available

Ghost hunters from all over the world with access to an iPhone will be thrilled to hear about one of the newest apps to hit the market: a real life Psychokinetic Energy (PKE) meter  This piece of ghost-detecting equipment comes from the fictional world of the Ghostbusters, where it was invented in the Paranormal Lab […]

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PKE Meter Ghost Hunter Launches in the app store September 30th

We have been hard at work on are new app call the PKE Meter Ghost hunter.  PKE Meter Ghost Hunter lets you take Egon Spengler’s psychokinetic energy meter with you wherever you go! The app lets you manually scan areas of a room or building, or can automatically scan a room for you. This is the […]

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Exciting news about the PKE Meter Ghost hunter

With the highly anticipated PKE meter ghost hunter we are making sure that all the bugs and problems are out of the app. We are really looking forward to launch this app sometime in mid or late September.   Here’s a video showing a preview of the app and also some screenshots of our new […]

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Nine Await Verdict In ‘Kidney For iOS Device’ Trial

Nine people are now facing jail time in China for helping a boy sell his kidney for an iPhone and iPad. The 17-year-old was paid nearly $3,500 to do so before suffering from renal failure, according to CNN.   In news first reported in April, the student, known only as Wang, was so desperate to get his […]

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The Money Matters

Running a comparison of revenue generated by top apps on both iOS and Android, Flurry calculates that the difference in revenue generated per active user is still 4 times greater on iOS than Android.  For every $1.00 a developer earns on iOS, he can expect to earn about $0.24 on Android.  These results mirror earlier […]

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Welcome to NarleyApps

Welcome to NarleyApps Thanks for visiting our blog section.

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