Nine Await Verdict In ‘Kidney For iOS Device’ Trial

Nine people are now facing jail time in China for helping a boy sell his kidney for an iPhone and iPad. The 17-year-old was paid nearly $3,500 to do so before suffering from renal failure, according to CNN.


In news first reported in April, the student, known only as Wang, was so desperate to get his hands on new iOS devices, that he decided to sell one of his organs to do so


It turns out that Wang wasn’t the only one that gained something in the illegal transaction. Among those making money was the surgeon that performed the operation, Song Zhongyu, as well as Su Kaizong, the contractor of the urology department at the hospital where the operation was performed. Others that recently went to trial include a homeless man who was “penniless and frustrated over gambling debts,” two nurses, a surgical assistant, an anesthesiologist, and two others.

Wang’s attorney is requesting compensation totaling 2.27 million yuan, or nearly $357,000. Each defendant faces a 10-year jail sentence.

 Source:  CNN

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